Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Mummy Say's

My Name is Sinead, I was born sleeping April 2010

Mummy tried telling them what was up

No one listened

No one cared

Mummy was going to be sent home, my mummy tried her best to get us an scan, it was refused, it was the day time, they were too busy to check up on me.

Mummy found out after I was buried that there was ROCG guidelines, at no point did mummy get these, at no point did we get the right treatment.

I had a heart beat. 

I was a human being.

I was a fully formed baby.

Mummy cannot share my sleeping baby photo as some do not like to see me. 

So here I am, where my heart was beating still.

After the scan, they refused to let mummy hear my heartbeats again.

Mummy has been trying to change the policy.

So far we have had half of an apology, all we want is full one.

Mummy is in court this May over my death and mummy's treatment, but all Mummy wants is a independent Review so it does not happen to any one else in this manner.

So far to date Mummy's voice is ignored again.

No One Care's as it is not them having to deal with it.

All Mummy wants is Change.  

We want to make PPROM patients and pregnant mums get the best care, we believe more midwifery care is needed too, something mummy lacked as only saw the midwife once during her pregnancy, that should never of happened. 

'My life should of been given every change of survival'.

Mummy suffers with PSTD now, because of our treatment, mummy can be talking, and the next she stop in her tracks, and she be thinking of what happened, events before, during complications and to make matters worse they even messed up with the delivery of me. 

Mummy is currently waiting for more treatment, as the treatment she was receiving was stopped as Mummy run out of therapy sessions.

Mummy has lost lots of friends, and family over this.

Mummy Feels she has failed me and others as nothing has changed.

Mummy believes there is good medical staff out there, but hospitals guidelines are not adhere to by some and the government keeps making cuts, yet birth rates are going up, and baby losses like mine keep going up.

Premature births like mine, happen in 40 percent of pregnancy. 

Change today by joining our campaign to help others who are going through this with giving them the right information in order to make decisions. 

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In memory of Sinead Speakman - April 2010

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Note we are in the process of tweaking this petition so world wide can sign, but we still welcome signatures on this from the UK, as every share, shares our knowledge to the parents that are dealing with PPROM, which happens to 40 percent of pregnancies, we also raising cash to fund for pprom project and our new webpage 

Mummy welcomes any one that can spare a pound to donate in order for a number of research projects to go ahead in my memory and all babies born too soon. 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a tragic story. Petition signed.

  2. Signed. Thank you. And good luck with this.

    From all at Still Loved Documentary